• Born 1948 in Wilhelmshaven - Germany
    1952 - with my sister Jutta (oil-paint artist)
    and Mother - blessed Memory

    web-sites:  hans-guenter-pahl.tripod.com

  • Hobby Writer - Poet - Painter

  • Tutor: Visual Artist Moshe Turgeman (1975-76) ,ORT (Obshestvo Remeslennogo Truda) Graphic Design School (1977),Avni Art Academy (1983),and Bezalel Art Academy graduates tutors (nineties)
    Graphic Art - mono-chrome drawing techniques , color painting - watercolor - agrylics

  • currently mostly mono-chrome drawings & ballpen sketching

  • Occationally writes poems, short stories and articles
  • Peace and human rights activist (DFMA)
  • HGP publishing: publishes mainly via the internet, designs web-sites as an expression of art and means of maximum exposure through the internet with its vast international resources

  • Has set up and acts as webmaster for artist web-sites: Opera Soprano Tatiana Odinokova, Poetess Rina Levinzon, Jerusalem - Soprano Svetlana Babajanova - Composer Haim Fima Shkolnik, Composer and Poetess Irina Mauler - Poetess Irene Yavchunovsky.

  • Founded Obshestvo IRAS , International Russian Literature & Art Society, in Dec 2005 together with Russian and Israeli Artist friends.

    Seeks sponsorships for various art projects and is devoted to International Russian Cultural Exchanges.

    Personal Web Links:

    Obshestvo IRAS - International Russian Art Society - Moscow

    HGP - TERRA SANCTA - Light in the Darkness

    HGP-PRO -internet international publishing

    Babushka Russia - HGP personal heritage site

  • HGP - German - Prussian - Polish - Ukrainian - Russian Heritage

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